Friday, April 10, 2009

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun
Genre: Fantasy, Love
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Characters: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Charlie Swan, Curlisle Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Cullen, Esmee Cullen, Emmett Cullen.

Review: Midnight Sun is Twilight story (from Twilight`s saga) written from Edward's point of View.Its just a partial draft of twelve chapters, because the author (Stephenie Meyer) decided this to avoid more ilegal posts in the future until she finish it completly. The book tells the love story between Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen. Bella is a normal, shy and quiet girl,but on the other hand Edward is a vampire. Both are deeply in love, but Edward must live with the uncontrollable through desire of drinking her blood. The story is placed in Forks, a small and cloudly town. In Midnight Sun we can see Edward feelings and how he fights against his desire. In first place he decides to leave town and run away from her, but in time he realizes that she's the most important thing in his life. They start to know each other, and learning how to live with this curse. The book is very descriptive,and it takes your attention from the beginning

Student name: Tania Balmaceda
Class: 5to Humanìstico


  1. Great review... I feel like reading the book!!!
    Congrats, Tanu!