Thursday, July 23, 2009


- Film: “Wimbledon”
- Director: Richard Loncraine
- Author: Adam Brooks, Jennifer Flackett
- Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
- Cast: Kristen Dunst, Paul Bettany


Wimbledon is one of the best films that I’ve seen and it took a very important place, just at the top of my personal rankking for several reasons. First of all, it has a special “something” on it, maybe that’s because of my passion about tennis. Moreover, Wimbledon is my favorite Grand Slam and this story shows to the public other point of view about the life of the athletes during the tournament.
Furthermore, the main plot is about Peter & Lizzie’s love story. Peter was an ex – pro tennis player that has lost all his confidence and recieved an special invitation to participate on Wimbledon, there he met Lizzie, a young top ten player that was over the wave of sucess. After many problems (that I won’t was out), Lizzie gave Peter his confidence back and finally he won the tournament.
The actors interpretation was quite good, they could manage to mix romance, passion, drama and a little comedy in the film. Both of them are known from blockbuster films, such as “Spiderman” in Kristen case, or “The Da Vinci Code” in Pauls.
My personal average of the film is obviously good, based on the facts that I’ve said at the begginig of this essay.

- Student Name: Lucía Cuezzo
- Class: 5th "H"