Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Princess Diaries

Book/ Film: The Princess Diaries
Genre: Comedy
Author/ Director: Garry Marshall
Characters/ Actors: Julie Andrews , Anne Hathaway , Héctor Elizondo

Review: The life of Mia Thermopolis, a shy adolescent who lives in San Francisco makes a 360º course when suddenly she discovers that she is a real princess.
It is supposed that she is the heir of the croun of Genovia, a very little european princedom.
Mia begins a funny travel in order to take possession of the throne, but her strict and incredible grandmother, the queen Clarisse Renaldi; breaks into her life to give her classes of protocol suitable for a princess.
Mia doesn´t have the intention to give up her life just to govern a far country.
However, queen Clarisse inserts that she has to carry out her duly in order to take place in the line of succession to the throne.
Mia has to face the most important election of her life; to go on with her family or to leave everything and to accept the responsibilities of a Princess.

Student name: María del Rosario Toro Tesini
Class: 5º H

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby's Day Out

Book/ Film: Baby's Day Out


Author/ Director:
written by John Hughes and produced by Richard Vane and John Hughes and directed by Patrick Read Johnson

Characters/ Actors:
Adam and Jacob Worton


“Baby's Day Out” is a 1994 comedy film written by John Hughes and produced by Richard Vane and John Hughes, about one day's adventures of a kidnapped baby in the city. The movie was directed by Patrick Read Johnson. The film stars twins Adam and Jacob Worton.

Bink Cotwell Jr. is the baby of a rich family. This family lives in a big mansion. Bink is the only child of house and receives the attention of all. Every night his mother reads a book in which a boy has adventures in the city.
One day, kidnappers posing as photographers and kidnap the child without anyone even noticing. Parents to discover that your child is missing and they call the police. Unfortunately for the kidnappers, the baby appears to be much intelligent than them. The baby escapes for his captors who begin to chase him around the city without success.

While looking for the baby, the police discover the story of the mother that the child go to different places of the city for those areas that relate to children's books.

Student name: Victoria Alonso

Class: 5to H

Moulin Rouge

Film: Moulin Rouge
Genre: Musical/Romance
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Actors: Nicole Kidman, Ewan Mcgregor, John Leguizamo, Jim Broadment and Richard Roxburgh


Moulin Rouge is a story about love, it is a musical that goes through the silentfilm period. This film is directed by Baz Luhrmann and it was filmed in Paris.

Firstly, Christian (Ewan Macgregor) tells the story on the pages that he is writing. He writes that in the famous cabaret of Paris, The Moulin Rouge, he has met a beautiful woman called Satine (Nicole Kidman) and he immediately falls in love with her.

Satine is a prostitute and her only desire is to go away from The Moulin Rouge and be free.

The problem is that Christian is not the only one that falls in love with her. A millionaire and bad Duke (Richard Roxburgh) is absolutely obsessed with her too.

Then Satine meets Christian and she falls in love with him in secret. The fact is that she cannot fall in love because of what she does, so they start meeting in secret. After that, the Duke discovers that she is seeing Christian so he tries to kill him.

I really like this film because it is entertaining. I think that the story, the music and the actors are very good, and all this make a very catching film.

Student name: Florencia Rossi
Class: 5º Humanístico

The Ugly Truth

Book/ Film: The ugly truth
Genre: Comedy
Author/ Director: Robert Luketic
Characters/ Actors: Katherine Heigl (Abby), Gerard Butler(Mike), Bree Turner


The Ugly truth tells the story of Abby, a desperate woman who works in a TV news channel (who's about to be canceled because of bad raiting), who doesn't have been on a date for over a year. She's the typical, solitary and inexperience woman who's waiting for her "Mr. Perfect" and thinks that guys are always honest and cute.

Then we have Mike, a guy who`s a hardcore personality and doesn't believe in "true love", he tells woman what most men really are and think about it.

One day Abby must hire Mike to save they TV channel, and they call the show "the ugly truth". Everibody loves Mike except Abby, who thinks he's a dirty and unlikely man. But in the mean time Mike bet Abby to teach her how to meet a guy and keep it for good. If he wins, he will quit the job, but if he dont he will stay. When it happens, Mike realize that he was falling in love with Abby, and that all the things he tells people everyday on his show doesn't happend all the time.

Abby falls in love with Mike too, so she leaves "Mr Perfect", and after a couple of situations, Abby and Mike stay together for will and realizes that "The ugly truth" is not always so ugly.

Student name: Tania Balmaceda
Class:5to H

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Briget Jones's Diary

Book/ Film: Briget Jones's Diary
Genre: Comedy - Romance
Author/ Director: Sharon Mcguire
Characters/ Actors: Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth

Briget Jones's Diary is a Bitish film from 2001, based on the novel from the same name written by Heles Fielding. In this film, the star, Briget Jones (Renée Zellweger), is a 30 year old woman who works in a publishing company in London and has realized that time is passing by and she is still single and worried about her weight. her family tries that she get's emocionally involved with a pretender, Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth), a barrister, son of a friend of her parents. From the very beggining Briget thinks that is a very arrogant and offensive person. and he thinks that Briget is some kind of dorky.
On New Year's Day she decides to leave the bad habit behind, lose weight and find her own Mr. Right.
Briget Jones and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant), his boss with who she has been fantasizing for a long time, starts to send masseges to her, and having dates to know each other better... But the reality is that hi is a womanizer who doesn't want anything serious with her. At the same time she find out that Daniel and Mark Darcy have a history together and as result of it they hate each other.
When she finally realizes that Mark is a good person with good intentions and Daniel isn't as much as she needs, she will be on a real crossroads.

I really like this film because it's funny and dinamic and at the same time it's sweet and romantic. I think that Renée is extrordinary in her role and also love Hugh Grant, even playing the role of the bad guy.

Student Name: Carolina Delgado
Class: 5ºH

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Die Welle

Book/ Film: Die Welle (The Wave)
Genre: Drama-Thriller
Author/ Director: Dennis Gansel
Characters/ Actors: Jürgen Vogel as Rainer Wenger, Frederick Lau as Tim, Max Riemelt as Marco and Jennifer Ulrich as Karo.


Die well or The Wave is a film based on the novel The Wave, which is a fictionalized account of the events that took place in a Californian high school. It tells the story of a school project about autocracy which was developed by a professor named Rainer Wenger, who implemented an unusual and unorthodox experiment. This project was about bringing back the fascism and the Nazis regime to the class and to live like if that was that time. At the beginning students weren't really enthusiastic with the idea, and they thought that the regime that had reigned in the past could never be back, but after a couple of classes they started to get involved and changes started to appear. They invented a name, "Die well", adopted a new greeting and a uniform which had to be used by everyone in the class. When the week, and consequently the project, were getting over it slipped through Wegner's fingers and the students started to have weird attitudes that will have great importance towards the end.

Regarding my election, I chose this movie because I found so interesting the plot and the way the director tells the story. It is an interesting way to open everyone's mind and to think that people can very easily be manipulated, and that we are not as advanced in this aspects as we think. Actors and actresses performances are great and so is director's work.

Student name: María Agustina Forcatto
Class: 5° Humanístico

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Film: UP
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Author/Director: Pete Docter and Bob Peterson
Characters: Carl Fredricksen, Ellie, Russell, Charles Muntz, Dug, Beta

The film is about Carl Fredricksen, who met Ellie, the love of his life, when they were very young. They share the same interest in exploration as their hero, famed explorer Charles Muntz.
Carl and Ellie grow old together, keeping since kids their dream of a house in Paradise Falls, in South America. Just as they seem to finally be able to take their trip, Ellie dies of old age. After a long time Carl decided to keep his promise to Ellie, and uses his old professional supplies to create a makeshift airship using tens of thousands of helium balloons which lift his house off its foundations. But in the porch was Russell, a Wilderness Explorer who was trying to help Carl to earn his final merit badge.
Finally, Carl and Russell start to understand to each other and, with a little help of a big storm, they find themselves in Paradise Falls. They live a lot of adventures and also met Charles Muntz, who is not like Carl think it would be.
This film is hillarious, but it also have details that make the story more 'real'. The sadness of Carl for loosing his wife is very touching.
It's perfect to see in family, because parents and kids will enjoy it!

Student name: Sofía Santos
Class: 5h

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Drag Me to Hell

Film: Drag me to Hell
Genre: Terror
Director: Sam Raimi
Actors: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Jessica Lucas, Lorna Raver, David Paymer, Dileep Rao, Adriana Barraza, Fernanda Romero, Reggie Lee, Alex Veadov, Bojana Novakovic, Bill E. Rogers.

Original story about a Young woman that try desperately break a terrible curse. Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is an ambitious owner of a bank in Los Angeles that to goes out with a lovely man, the professor Clay Dalton (Justin Long). Everything is very well until that mystery Miss Agnus (Lorna Raver) goes to the bank to ask what to postpone monthly installment of her hypothec. Now must Christine do as her instinct says and help to old women? Or maybe will be better to refuse and stay well with her boss and get a promotion? Christine goes by the second option, so Miss Agnus loose her house. Old Women decides to take revenge and send the lamia`s curse turning her life into hell. Followed by evil spirit and front to incomprehension of her skeptical boyfriend Christine fined help from a visionary man (Dillep Rao) to save her soul from an eternal sentence. In a attempt or help her to recover a normal life the visionary man guide her by a frenetic walk for reverse the spell. But evil forces came and Christine must to meet to something incredible: Where is she prepared to arrive for escape the curse?

Student name: Constanza Bidegain
Class: 5º Humanístico

The Proposal


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Author/ Director: Anne Fletcher

Characters/ Actors: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds.


The proposal is an interesting story about two people, that, despite the problems and lies they have had, finally fall in love. It’s a really interesting film and it’s has something particular and original that others films haven’t got.
Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is the executive editor of a book publishing company, who forces her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in order to avoid being deported to Canada. He bitterly accepts, under the condition that he is promoted to the position of editor. When the government investigates, the two are forced to spend the weekend with his parents in Alaska in order to sell the lie. The family suggest they could marry the same weekend, and they accept.
They start to fall in love as they spend more and more time together. Because of this, during the wedding ceremony, Margaret decides she cannot do this to Andrew and confesses the business arrangement in front of everyone. Then she has 24 hours to get back to Canada, and this goes back to New York to pack her things. However, Andrew confesses his love for her in front of the office staff, proposing marriage again.

Student name: Agustina Leguizamón
Class: 5to Humanístico.